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2010年成立,於中環開設首間showroom及工作室,由亞洲獨立設計師及本地設計師 Gertie Ng所設計的婚紗晚裝單品,主打亞洲女性身形而設計,更以細緻的手工藝及專業的線條版型技術稱道,令一眾新娘子喜愛。



Founded in 2010, having our first very own showroom and workshop in Central.  With our wedding dresses and evening gowns designed by Asia’s independent designers and our very own local designer, Gertie Ng.  Our dresses are well-made and carefully designed for the body figure of Asian women.  We are favoured by our brides for offering gowns with delicate hand-sewn embroidery and professional silhouette pattern-making technique.  We insist in dressing our brides with confidence and a perfect fit.

主理拍攝項目包括婚紗攝影外,更拍攝以女性為主的Boudoir Portrait 閨房照 ,Girl Portrait 女生照 及 Pregnancy Portrait 孕婦照

With over 10 years of experience in the wedding industry, Gertie has a proficient insight into female photography by capturing the charm and beauty of women at different stages of life.
Despite Wedding photography, Gertie specialize in taking Girl, Boudoir, Pregnancy Portrait.

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