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Vis-a-vis Bridal的Designer及Photographer Gertie Ng 認為 : 一場婚禮上,會請專業攝影師,專業攝錄師,專業化妝師,一隊人的幫忙。而新娘應該穿什麼?適合穿什麼?她們卻一頭霧水。




「當然除了剪裁要適合,一條適合其個性的婚紗晚裝是會令新娘子更有發光感,所謂-叮一聲的感覺!雖然我有天生的第六感,當然也要加上經驗啦 (笑),讓我很快了解到新娘子的個性,更會透過談天讓我更了解新人的主題及流程等等。」



"With coordination, Design is elevated to a whole new level"

Gertie Ng, Designer & Photographer of Vis-a-vis Bridal,  believes that a professional team of photographer, video-recorder and makeup artist will be hired in a wedding.  However, how should the bride be dressed? How should she be styled? 

“Many customers lost confidence after trying on different wedding gowns.  They were confused and unaware, not knowing what is suitable for them.” says Ng.  

With the experience in the wedding industry, Ng immediately has the idea of what style and silhouette suits the bride. 

“I have the experience of dressing over a thousand brides.  I know what kind of gowns suit the bride with just ONE look!” says Ng. 

“The cutting of the gowns is, no doubt, very important.  The style that matches her personality is, however, what makes the bride shines-the WOW effect!  With my intuition and experience, I get to know about her character very quickly.  I love chatting with the bride and groom about their themes and rundowns as well to get the idea. ”

“I believe that a bride should not aimlessly look for only trending wedding gowns, but something that accentuates her figure and is entirely suitable for her personality!”With her persistence and professional advice, highly favorable comments are given by the brides.

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